You need a GOOD headline that tells the reader what they get. Make it about them, not you.

For example, if offering marketing services, the message could be: "Like having a marketing team without the payroll." Talk about what the problem solves and who it solves it for. Also clarify the big claim you made in the headline.


You've grabbed their attention but you need to interest them enough to keep reading. Write a headline that appeals to their self-interest.

Explain the problem your product solves.

'Fact that piques the reader's interest

You want to generate empathy. So write from the consumer’s perspective. Avoid jargon and above all, write from human to human like you're at the water cooler telling a co-worker one to one about a product.

Write with your ears, use the same language your target audience uses. And position your product as the solution to the problem.

Client Name

CFO at Company Name

"Put a real testimonial from one of your best clients here that speaks directly to your ideal buyer. "

Highlight the number ONE benefit of using your product.

The ONE BIG REASON to buy your product. Be specific and convince the reader why your product delivers the promised benefit. This should be an emotional benefit like, "how does this product make me feel or look?".

Highlight the 2nd top benefit or reason the reader would love this product or service

And also prove them in some way that your product does what you say it does. This should be a functional and specific benefit. Examples: "saves you $1,040/year", "Saves You 10 Hours a Week", "Lose 40 Pounds in 30 Days", "Learn how to code in 12 weeks."

Client Name

HR Director at Company Name

"Place another real testimonial here from a client that speaks directly to your ideal buyer. "

Show why your product is remarkable, and what your readers can do with it.

This should be a benefit to the consumer based on a product feature or a physical characteristic that makes your product special. Highlight specifics— facts, special features or anything the reader needs to know to make a decision.

Remember this: In 2001, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPod to the World, he didn't pull it out of his jeans pocket and say, "The iPod. A 5GB MP3 player". He said, "The iPod. 1,000 songs in your pocket."

Client Name

HR Director at Company Name

"Place another real testimonial here from a client that speaks directly to your ideal buyer. "

Close with a strong call to action persuading the reader to act. For example, if you're selling to accountants a strong CTA might be: Restore your faith in accounting.

Remind the reader what's in it for them if they buy your product.